Who looks after your interests abroad?

That is the ‘Foundation for the Dutch Outside the Netherlands’ (SNBN). Our eleven board members are members of eight political parties and live spread out over four continents. We have contact points all over the world thanks to about a hundred regional representatives.

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Foundation for the Dutch Outside the Netherlands

We see good contacts with Dutch politicians as the best way to protect the interests of Dutch people abroad. For politicians, we are a resource and point of contact, for the Dutch outside the Netherlands we are the bridge to participation in politics in the Hague.

We deal with different issues. For example in the field of nationality, pension, Dutch education, passports and participation in elections, and Brexit.

Issues About us

Stichting Nederlanders Buiten Nederland behartigt uw belangen in het buitenland

We are committed to, amongst others, these issues

Dual citizenship

Pension issues

Dutch education abroad for children

Apply for a DigiD code from abroad

Voting from abroad

Involuntary ex-Dutch citizenship

Barriers for Dutch students abroad

Downsizing and closure of Dutch consulates and embassies

Dutch partners abroad

Internationally oriented Netherlands


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